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Steps to Earn Free Crypto

We have 2 microwallets so you can earn cryptocurrencies, we explain how you can obtain cryptocurrencies easily and quickly with just a few steps you can choose between Expresscrypto and Faucetpay.

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Faucetpay is a cryptocurrency micro wallet, designed to receive payouts from faucets.

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You must log in to faucetpay and then look for your wallet that is shown in the image below.

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How get crypto?

Choose the crypto you want to receive and enter your wallet to start earning.

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Withdraw Crypto

Faucetpay allows you to withdraw the cryptocurrencies you have received to another wallet, you can exchange them for other crypto.


Payment Proofs

# Username Address Method Amount
75 SahilbarnwalD72ygq5yXZtitVwitJYypZNBQ6VJt7c5T8 0.005019 USD
73 Uthpala73TPyMWBTiLPyNRydGtkkMSbw2UeRjmLzKPN 0.002001 USD
72 AnapurnaDJ6aA8WhrdqH4t3C9FB3cmjNW6sbrz6HRd 0.001002 USD
71 ernaniTLTiEt47uQ27H6ySPwEGTJA3jHKQggfKxh 0.0105 USD
70 gonrr21DRgZKgXhfggf2mQUmVHuwg3Dmj599wBSbB 0.010008 USD
69 AudreyraspD6dts3x6mP6ve2Y8srZnZdVzzYUvtUooh9 0.002514 USD
68 Manisa7DDjj3CSU239pN95pJYwJ36qLyFpgk4tyx3 0.00101 USD
67 minguadospgTY24cYA9kudhHZC4DTPB9ggeL6gdvxzEV8 0.0015 USD
66 comotuDRyAhKDVxKDmggteM5hU8z86FQY6eRnBJB 0.002 USD
65 gonrr21DRgZKgXhfggf2mQUmVHuwg3Dmj599wBSbB 0.01 USD
64 OldloganD8FG185YnuoEYZAPFQSwgmEo9SNLwwkJoj 0.001501 USD
63 BossStatue90766TFXoAM12qatmUoDARaJnmKPkHfLNizWg5M 0.03003 USD
60 gonrr21DRgZKgXhfggf2mQUmVHuwg3Dmj599wBSbB 0.010047 USD
59 Bekimollabekimolla3@gmail.com 0.061 USD
58 wanmel12D6gSsLWspmQt9ninUkgtiokk1AQPGdv9ML 0.477968 USD
57 RajawansaajithTMNnsYMfkZuMuGK5aFN64ASD3uvDHxbJzN 0.002018 USD
56 gonrr21DRgZKgXhfggf2mQUmVHuwg3Dmj599wBSbB 0.0025 USD
55 RajawansaajithDJkJSDDjbHwx7LFh4NiceSd1akZ9uA1omp 0.005021 USD
54 gonrr21DRgZKgXhfggf2mQUmVHuwg3Dmj599wBSbB 0.0065 USD
53 SamnanguDTPUqS3opgcFcs5KHqspNuiLwYgPy7gTH1 0.001 USD

The currency of the future


Bitcoin is a virtual currency or a means of electronic exchange that is used to acquire products and services like any other currency, but this currency is decentralized, that is, there is no authority or control entity that is responsible for its issuance and registration of their movements; It consists of a cryptographic key that is associated with a virtual wallet, which discounts and receives payments.

To be able to make an exchange, each user must have a cryptographic key and the system allows the amount of bitcoin to be discounted from the person who buys and increases the amount of bitcoin from the account of the person who sells, it has no intermediaries when making a collection or payment..

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  • Doge
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